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Full Text : Wyo Trib Eagle's "Extremism in Wyoming"

Front Page - Sunday, March 6, 201
"Neo-Nazis are here. So is the KKK. A white supremacist group thinks this could be a great place to thrive. But when it comes to extremism in Wyoming, that's just the tip of the iceberg."

By Josh Mitchell 

Wyoming would make a good location for a "White Zion," according to an article that recently appeared on a white-activist website.  John Pelham of Alabama wrote the article for his website, from the Provinces.

Pelham said Wyoming is a good choice for the white nationalist movement because of the state's low population and conservative citizenship.

He said he wrote the article to criticize groups of white nationalists who think the Pacific Northwest is a good location for the movement. Pelham said he thinks white nationalists would have a greater opportunity to succeed in Wyoming.

State Rep. Mary Throne, D-Cheyenne, said she does not think the white nationalist movement would be successful in Wyoming. "I would be surprised if it took a foothold here because that's not who we are," she said.

In general, the state's residents are tolerant of diversity, Throne said. But Pelham said he knows for a fact that there are already white nationalists in Wyoming. Pelham said he is not a white nationalist but an advocate for the white race.

Report: Five hate groups in Wyoming

Indeed, there are already groups in Wyoming that advocate the white race, according to a new report. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national hate-crimes watch group, there are three Ku Klux Klan organizations represented in Wyoming and two neo-Nazi groups. All of the groups are labeled as statewide, except for one of the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan organizations, which is said to be based in Cheyenne.

The number of members each group has in Wyoming is unclear. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the neo-Nazi groups, the National Socialist Movement, has a Cheyenne post office box and a Wyoming e-mail address. Likewise, the other neo-Nazi group that apparently has a presence in Wyoming, the Creativity Movement, has a Wyoming e-mail contact on its website. The Southern Poverty Law Center report also identifies two other types of groups - "Nativist Extremist" and anti-government "Patriot" groups.

SPLC said there are four anti-government "Patriot" groups in Wyoming - the Constitution Party, John Birch Society, Oath Keepers and We the People. All of those groups are listed as being statewide, except the Constitution Party, which is labeled as being in Afton.

The report also said there are two Nativist Extremist groups in Wyoming - Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Wyoming in Casper and the Newcastle Chapter of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Nativist groups are staunchly opposed to illegal immigration and go as far as to confront and harass undocumented workers and people who employ undocumented workers, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC director of intelligence Mark Potok said anti-government groups have been more prone to violence in recent years than hate groups.

Nationwide, the number of anti-government "Patriot" groups increased dramatically from 512 in 2009 to 824 in 2010. Potok attributes the rise to numerous factors, including the changing racial demographics of the United States that is represented with a black president. Some whites are bothered by the idea that they will no longer represent a majority of the U.S. population in 2050, Potok said. Moreover, the collapse of the economy has fueled anger toward the federal government in regards to bailout programs.

In addition, political conspiracy theories, such as the notion that President Barack Obama is not really an American, have found their way into mainstream culture.

Legislator: State is misunderstood

But state Rep. Ken Esquibel, D-Cheyenne, said he thinks there would be a large backlash from the residents of Wyoming if white nationalists tried to move here.

It sounds as if Pelham has a misconception of Wyoming, Esquibel said, noting that Wyoming is the "Equality State."

White nationalists would have a greater chance of being elected to political office in the Cowboy State, Pelham said.

He said Wyoming is similar to Alabama and Mississippi, except it doesn't have as many black people. Pelham thinks the federal government should set aside reservations, possibly in Wyoming, for white nationalists. If American Indians have reservations, white nationalists should also, he said.

Esquibel said Pelham's suggestion of establishing white reservations in Wyoming sounds like a "pretty radical view." If such areas were created, Pelham believes white nationalists would flock to the state to preserve their way of life.

Pelham noted that white nationalists would not be successful in Wyoming if they came here and acted out violently as neo-Nazis. That approach would backfire on them because they would be rejected by the conservative population in Wyoming, he said.

Pelham said he disagrees with violence, saying it is counterproductive. Rather, it would work better if white nationalists just moved to Wyoming and posed as model citizens.

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Glenn said...

I live in Cheyenne and when this term of my subscription ends that is it for the WTE. I really am tired of the progressive crap they put in their pages and articles such as this just add to the disgust with this rag. Heck the Casper paper does a better job covering Cheyenne that the WTE.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 thoughts on this. First is wow, is this a left leaning article or what???? Giving the most liberal democrats media coverage, it seems to me. As to the 'threat' of white nationaists,,, anyone who speaks up against the racism directed toward white Christians is construed as being white nationaalist.

Freedomlover said...

What a hit piece on anyone who has a difference of opinion with the left!

This is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to associate people who are truly concerned about the welfare of America with Nazi's and the Klan!

If you advocate for "white rights" you are a pagan racist but similar black groups are "waging a struggle for civil rights".

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the "Radical Left"!

Anonymous said...

Hate does not fly here.

So now 'Patriots' and 'Constitutionalist' (people that love OUR country andconstitution) are labeled as 'anti-government'?

DONT SUPPORT THE WYOMING TRIBUNE EAGLE!! They are obviously a propoganda paper NOT a news paper!!

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