Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lady Mead's renovation project of the Gov. Mansion could cost $1,000,000

Why is it that political families think that the people expect them ALL to be doing something?  What does the first lady have to do with the job description of Wyoming Governor?
And why does the "mansion" need renovation?  I mean really ... it's already a mansion for heavens sake.  Is it not glamorous enough?

the story : Wyoming first lady Carol Mead settles into new role
By Jeremy Pelzer of the Casper Star-Tribune
... One immediate way to promote the state, Mead said, is to renovate the 35-year-old Governor's Mansion. The public restrooms near the mansion's main entrance, she said, are “fairly dated” and aren't handicapped-accessible. And she'd like to widen the front entry hall and put up walls to display art “reflective of Wyoming.”

“For some people, (the mansion) is their first impression when they come in (Wyoming),” she said. “And we want to show them that this is a vibrant state — bring your businesses, bring your industry here. And we're moving forward; we're going places. And I think the residence can be a big reflection of that.”

The Legislature's still debating how much money will be available to renovate the mansion: The House version of the proposed 2011 supplemental budget bill allocates $200,000, but the Senate's current language would give $1 million.

Whatever initiatives Carol Mead pursues, she said her most important jobs are still being a mother, wife, and running the family business.
Oh please stop.  This is just too hilarious to breathe.  When did the mansion in Cheyenne become such an attraction that it had the power to influence business?  Should it cost up to $1 Million to create "a big reflection" on the idea that "we're going places"?

And let's be honest.  The Mead family ranch is no business; it's a hobby ranch used more for gubernatorial photo-ops than it is for stepping in manure.

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Anonymous said...

this sucks. her "renovations" cost more than my house and property combined....and i have a nice place.
for shame, for shame!

SQN said...

no kiddin. For 1 Million, I could build 8 very lovely brand new homes.

that kind of money should not be spent on a renovation. Sell the damn mansion if it is so bad that Lady Mead can't live under such harsh conditions and use the money off the sale to build a new one that some bimbo can be above 40 years from now.

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