Friday, February 18, 2011

Government has no place, no authority, in institutionalizing marriage

the story : Wyoming Senate advances anti-gay marriage bill
"Opponents hold that the bill is unnecessary, unconstitutional and discriminatory against gay and lesbian couples."
Ideological sides bicker, making the issue of marriage political and causing great division.  With only political sides to choose from, the division continues to grow - bickering becomes monumental - and still there is no solution.

Perhaps it is because government is not meant to be meddling in the union of souls.

The fact that government has a hold on people's private lives to the tune to make a sacred bond between two souls an "institution" is a real problem.

Government has no, zero, constitutional authority to regulate any kind of marriage.
They only do so (illegally) because it helps to collect more taxes and fees (another issue of immorality) by labeling people as such and such and not or so such ...  "blah blah blah" says the government.

"Legally Married" ... what a bunch of crap.
Government intrusion on the sanctity of marriage is an insult to the true power of undying love and the union of souls before God.

That is not Pro-Homosexual - nor is it Pro-Heterosexual.  It is Pro-Keep government where it is supposed to be and not meddling in the finite details of individual lives.  Before we conclude that government has the authority to allow some marriage but not honor others - let us first question what government is doing at all making such declarations to allow people their God given right to do with their souls as they please.

Was individual liberty not the intent of the founding of this nation?

What one's soul wants is between them and the (their) Lord ... Government is taking up a transitional seat and treating it as if Government is an omniscient being with the power and authority to tell you what is right and wrong.  Government has no such power nor authority.

Party D pulls one way, Party R pulls the opposite. They both have lost their reasoning and both stray far from enforcing constitutional - NATURAL - Law.

Why do we fall victim to this back and forth of right and wrong based on the beliefs of opposing political parties?

If we, the people, were to understand the constitution and use that fire to burnout those who ignore it - the endless bickering of Republican v.s. Democrat and who is right and who has the better ideas for the future, they are evil capitalist pigs; bible toting gun packing idiots, those liberal fairies who want free love and drugs for the whole world ... it would all virtually end.

The Law is the Law is the Law.  The people need to wake up and think for themselves and end the era of dependency on the great all seeing eye of the government to tell them what it right or wrong.  That would be very anti-liberty and more similar to the Dark Ages where elites were the only beings with the privilege of knowledge than what the God fearing founders of this country intended: power to the people by empower the individual with the dignity of personal responsibility and control of their own life.

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