Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Open Letter : If Left Alone, Government Bloating will Reduce us to Serfdom

Since the turn of the year the state of Wyoming has been engaged in a hiring orgy. Whereas the norm has been 3-7 new jobs posted a week, since January 3 there have been 45 new jobs - approximately 15 per week.
See for yourself:  State of Wyoming Human Resources
Many of these are legitimate jobs with realistic pay scales, such as office assistants, claims specialists, equipment operators, etc. These do not concern me.
However, on the top end of the government trough there are several suspect positions. Suspect in that they are way overpaid and hence have expensive benefits to match.
There is an Executive Officer 5 job for the teacher standards board which promises between $5200 and $6500 per month; a state archives manager who’s reward is between $5511 and $6483 per month and the winner is: a “Recreation Activities Co-ordinator” for only $3861-$4542 per month.
The relatively ‘low’ pay of the coordinator is tempered by a support staff of 3, god knows how much they suck from the public trough.
There is one downside to this position, the working conditions and clientele to be dealt with at the State Prison in Torrington. Is there anyone in the Legislature who can explain to me, with a straight face,why we need to hire a ‘recreation activities co-ordinator’ at the men’s prison? Extra points for why we need a staff of 3 to help.
The Founders of our Republic envisioned that good people would donate a couple years of their life for public service and then go back to the farm or their profession. Congress wasn’t paid a salary until the 1840’s.
Now we have a situation where public service has become self-service to a very large degree and the perpetual bureaucracy (particularly at the top of the trough) ensures continuity of policy (more government, more taxes, less Freedom) regardless of the political party in power.
The only way to address this issue is to remove ALL pensions and benefits from ALL elective and appointive positions. The snow plow operator works a real job and deserves benefits and a pension after his service. The top dog bureaucrats do not.
To many of us Government, at all levels, has become a cancer upon our body politic. Unresponsive, unaccountable, and growing uncontrollably it is consuming our state and nation as well as our Liberty and freedom.
Left alone Government will reduce us to serfdom, to abject slavery. Ultimately the System will fall of its own weight and degenerate into Revolution and chaos as the slaves throw off their shackles.
This is reality, it is not a right-left thing, not a republican-democrat contest. This is the Government, increasingly, against the people, pure and simple.
Our state legislature is in session. They need a reality check. This giant Blob of state hiring and spending must end---NOW. These fat cat, non-worker jobs at the public trough have gotta GO. And legislators who don’t get the Big Picture have gotta go at the next election cycle.
Yours truly,
Frank Smith, Cheyenne

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Glenn said...

Great job Frank Smith. I wonder if the WTE would print this?

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