Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WY 2010 General Election Results - Breakdown. Haynes. Mead. How Many Votes? *update*

* "Independent write-in candidate for WY gov, Taylor Haynes, earned 13,796 out of 16,081 write-in votes. Roughly 190,000 were cast statewide."  from Michelle Dynes of the Cheyenne Eagle

Original Post :
How many votes did Taylor Haynes get?  16,059 ballots were taken as a "WRITE IN" - Haynes received 13,796 votes, or 7.3% of the vote.

Mead took 123,779.  65% of those who voted and 47.6% of the possible Registered voters.

The 2010 Wyoming General election turned out only 73.4% of Registered voters.

In other words, 69,012 people did not vote.

After the August primary, in which Republican candidates - along with a few converted Democrat saboteurs - enjoyed an 82% crushing statistic over a Democratic 18% ... Republicans in the 2010 General Election enjoyed 64.8% of the turnout, which is slightly less of a percentage turnout than what the 2008 General Election gave John McCain - 67%.
WY 2010 General Election Results as a pie :
"Over Under" votes are ballots that either had picked more than one person, over, or selected no one at all, under. 

Just out of statistical ass-nine data interest ... What did it cost for each vote?
Mead spent - lets just use the very modest $1.4M that Mead spent.
Haynes has said at events that his campaign has spent "maybe 20,000" ...

Mead turned out 123,779 voters, divided out of 1,400,000 is about $11.31 per voter.
Haynes turned out 13,796 voters, divided out of 20,000 is about $1.45 per voter.
Let's even turn it up, since this number is not completely accurate, bump 20k to 30,000 ...
Haynes would have spent $2.17 on each vote.

Pretty cheap, this freedom thing.  Not a very hard sell for 13,796 voters.
As Ron Paul said, "perhaps it just might be - that Freedom is Popular." - video

You can check the numbers with the Wyoming Secretary of State - HERE
Haynes Finished 3rd - CBS4Denver - HERE


Anonymous said...

It would appear that only a little over 6% of the Wyoming population actually "get it". Of course there's those who said "he'll only split the vote and the democrat will win" & those that said Haynes was a Democratic plant & those that are just plain coward to vote on the side of the person rather than the side of the party. It's to bad WY, you had a chance at REAL freedom, but you took the $11.31 hot dog!

Anonymous said...

^^^what he said^^^

Anonymous said...

What the first person said.......

Glenn said...

I don't think many in Wyoming get it yet because they are living fat and happy. Many of us who have lived in other areas of the country and have seen how the progressives creep in little by little are seeing it as plain as day here. Looking at some of the local races it is apparent is is top to bottom. It always amazes me how people willingly line up and vote for higher taxes yet complain about taxes 364 other days of the year. Until the residents of the state start to feel the pinch and can make the connection
it will not change. Hence the success of the progressives is made by slowly turning up the heat so you don't even know you about to be boiled.

Anonymous said...


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