Monday, November 22, 2010

Ron Paul : You don't solve problems by stomping on liberty

The saga of TSA legal molestation continues ...
Do they only get away with this kind of mass groping because they are a government entity?

It is very possible that at this point, with Americans being shuffled around like cattle on national television and world wide on the internet, that in the eyes of terrorists - they have won.

The United States has instituted and inflicted more despotism onto her own people than a country which holds liberty so dear that she stands at our gates welcoming all should allow.

If we allow this, what next?  our bus stations? train stations ... mall shopping centers ... schools ...
If it doesn't stop now, where does it end?

When will we draw the line and refuse to have government trample liberty?
It seems more and more that government takes away our liberty only to sell it to us back, fragmented and with our compliance.

Why do we not have the TSA on the border?

video - boy gets strip searched

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