Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Matt Mead Unearthed ...

-- Mead : "we need to continue to push toward clean coal technology" below
-- Mead : "I think we're gonna have to look at an increase in fuel tax" video - defends a higher tax here
-- Mead has suggested even taxing Non-Profits because they might make too much money. video
-- Mead is working with his buddies at the Wyoming Business Council to collect ARRA funds (Obama Stimulus) to create programs that promote Obama's Renewable Energy Plan 

Response to an editorial, 'Lies about Mead' that is in fact Lies For Mead: 
-- It is an undeniable fact that Matt Mead fought against gun rights and States Rights in Wyoming vs. BATF. click here
-- Mead supports the Patriot Act, in his own words “You’re not going to like my answer, I support the Patriot Act”

Matt Mead compared to Obama ... again. 1st time - HERE
-- WHY? Because Mead said, "we need to continue to push toward clean coal technology"
Obama wants to develop "Clean Energy" because it is a "transition" into the elimination of coal...

Matt Mead said, in response to a question on energy in Wyoming, "we need to continue to push toward clean coal technology" ...
This is what Mead had to say ...
"I think that the way we deal with it is, listen. Whether you’re a skeptic on global warming or not, the fact is that there is a push within the country and there is a push globally for cleaner energy. And what we need to do in Wyoming in particular with regard to coal is we need to make sure that we can continue to use the coal reserves we have. And in order to do that, we need to continue to push toward clean coal technology, not only because we want to use the coal that is here, but in a large way, I think there is a market for just technology and know-how. I want Wyoming to be looked at as not just the place where you come to get your coal or your uranium or your oil or your gas, but also to be the place to go to learn about energy technology. We don’t want to be buying clean coal technology from China."
Let's not forget the real goal here in working with the federal government ...
The ultimate goal is to, quote, "Bankrupt the Coal Industry"
Obama talks about Clean Coal energy : "We have more coal than anybody else, BUT, we also have this planet that is gettin' warmer..."
Quite frankly, sounds more like Mead's allegiances lie with cooperating with the Federal Government rather than standing at the state line and tell them, "NO.  We don't want your rotten federal cheddar."

Matt Mead supports taking money Stimulus Hand-outs from the Fed that regulate the energy business a brain washing program of your children that the answer is Renewable Energy ... taking money under the condition that they create a program to indoctrinate children ... WHY?  Because his buddies at the Wyoming Business Council, (pdf) of which Mead is a board member, stand to make money on the deal.  Of course, spread the wealth around.
"the State Energy Office (SEO), presented 8 applications for
approval under the ARRA K-12 Retrofit and Renewable Energy Demonstration Program.  The original ARRA plan included a $3.4 million program for middle income weatherization that was not able to come to fruition.  SEO partnered with the School Facilities Commission with input from the Governor’s Office and University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension to develop a re-scoped program for a K-12 Retrofits and Renewable Energy Demonstration program.  The Department of Energy approved that re-cope in April.  The purpose of the program is to provide financial support for energy efficiency retrofits on schools and encourage development of renewable energy demonstration projects."
  --  September 23 meeting in Rock Springs of which Mead was in attendance - HERE
With Mead willing to sell your grandchild's future now, how much money do you think he will pipe down into his little pools of friendly influence if he is in the governors chair?

Matt Mead proves he is Big Government, he thinks the government controls the economy, not the people.  After all, he does think he is responsible for, as Governor, to "protect Wyoming jobs" ... here

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