Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Big Government Tip-Up

Indeed, this is hard to swallow, but pretty fair proof that Matt Mead has a Big Government philosophy ... See picture of his own ad at right.  No, that is not a real ad.  No political candidate spends money here, nor would it be accepted.
When the guy touts himself as being able enough to "protect Wyoming jobs" what exactly does that mean?  Really he means State jobs.  Protect Jobs means state jobs.  That's easy lingo for all the state employees to know that after 8 years of bloating the system Mead will be there to still save you.  What really does that do for the private economy other than burden it will 'being responsible' for having to fund it all?
Since when did the government gain control of protecting people's jobs?
Sounds like simple rhetoric stolen from the GOP party boat.
The same Big Government philosophy, twisted and spun around during harder economic times under a Democrat, plastered with an R suddenly looks attractive again?
Why is any part of Government claiming they can protect the economy?
Do we really hold our elected officials up that high that we depend on them to protect our economic livelihood?  Is dependency on the Government to "protect jobs" any real freedom?  Would that not create make the people indebted to the government?  This is false utopia!
Government control of the economic sector is just straight communism.
No simple switch of a letter will fix what we have.
This rich suit expecting to just waltz in under a party affiliation but still carrying the same ideals that compare to the past decades of growing failures in government is like a tip-up out on the ice.
It becomes blatantly clear what we have once you decide to look out the window and take the effort to glass the lake.
Nothing against Mr. Mead as a person.  This is not personal.  People will take it that way.  But it is not.  It is about principle and policy.  Mead, in terms of what government was set out to be as defined in the United States Constitution, does not fit the bill.  Mead might be a nice guy, but this is not an invitation to come over for dinner.  This is a job application.  And the jobs requires a governor to serve and protect THE PEOPLE and ALL of the rights designated to them by 'their creator' with the constitution.  The job is to empower THE PEOPLE, NOT empower government in a different way than a Democrat would.

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