Monday, October 25, 2010

A whisp of fresh air from the Trib ... at least they printed it.

Haynes shatters status quo
As 71 percent of Wyoming Republican voters rejected Matt Mead for governor in August's primary, he was obviously not their first choice for governor. We wonder what positions has he changed in the past two months that may have improved his abilities and philosophy in their estimation? None that we have been able to find.

Of course he only earned the "Republican" nomination after several thousand Democrats crossed party lines to vote for him in the primary that he won by a mere 700 votes statewide. After listening to the first governor candidate debate last week, it appears those Democrat registered voters knew more than other voters ... and they won either way. With both Mead and Leslie Petersen agreeing on all but a few superficial topics while creating the appearance of true opposition, the continued growth of government is all but ensured.

Fortunately in this year's general election, there is an option for a real candidate who will practice and not just preach conservative, small government philosophy. Though if you think the federal leviathan has grown into the best thing since sliced bread, Taylor Haynes is not your dude. If you can't wait until the federal, state and local governments grow so big that they have the ability to dictate every minute of your life, Taylor Haynes is not your guy. If you think doubling the size of Wyoming's state government in the last five years just isn't fast enough, then Taylor Haynes is not the Wyoming rancher, doctor, businessman or UW trustee for you.

However, if you value personal responsibility, political accountability and individual rights above anything else for you and your children, but don't think a principled man has a chance and your vote may be lost? Exactly why has Taylor Haynes been excluded from all the debates? Because his positions shatter the status quo.

Spend a few hours to find out for yourself at a local Taylor Haynes Town Hall he has been holding across the state. Vote for principle and don't settle for the lesser of two evils any longer ... write in Taylor Haynes for Wyoming governor on Nov. 2.


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