Friday, October 29, 2010

Math-ers Can't Do the Lieing.

From Matt Mead's Facebook in response to the highly controversial WY PBS non-debates of beach ball questions ...
And there it is.  Simple people.  Just vote for a letter of the alphabet.
Give that D two legs and put it in Cheyenne.

Sadly, no really ...  this is just sad to have to say.
Mr. Mead is either flat LIEING or he simply can't do math.

It is a mathematical impossibility for Haynes to split a vote and have a Democrat win. HERE
more -- Split the Vote? If Haynes loses, the Democrat DOES win!

Just say anything to build the lie and distract from the real issues.
For example ... Mead said, essentially said, in the WY PBS debates that the Tea Party in Wyoming was non-existent ... and don't forget, PBS told you, this is a race for the mansion.

The real issue is that Mead does not stand for the constitution.  Haynes does.
Mead's policies are traditional political negotiating reserve sound bytes to bring to the table in some closed room full of bureaucratic suits bumping chests.
Haynes brings the constitution and plans to apply it and bring the issues out to the people in town halls, informing the electorate from the ground up, not telling the electorate from the office in Cheyenne.
Mead's policies are nothing new, they are just simply NOT next to a D, even though his philosophy still is Big Government.
Haynes' platform is a return to the constitution and our Godly American Heritage.

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