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Unity Fest = Sham

The Wyoming Republican Party has a nothing new agenda: keep the people on the side of the R and all will be fine.  "We are not Democrats, you are safe here."  ... because that message hides the truth ... The people don't want a party - they want a return to power, a return to the constitution, an end to the political mind game of blame and to apply some real common sense core values that Wyoming should be emulated for.

Quick hits:
  • That fire in the soul of the people is still burning
  •  Haynes, Independent candidate for Governor is running as a Write-In, has been meeting a surging number of disgruntled voters turned supporters across Wyoming while the flashy and sudden success of Matt Mead is simmering down and revealing his true liberal core.
  • From a conservative stand point, the Republican ticket is now Democratic.
  • Both parties fear in the loss of control - that is the only "UNITY" in the party.
As the people say, because it gets repeated constantly,"the lesser of two evils is still evil."

And that is exactly the problem.  Republican, Democrat, it really makes no difference anymore.  They both stand for nothing and do nothing but empower themselves and government.

During the primary this season people came out of the wood-work to volunteer, donate, go to events, and use their own time, effort and money to help what they believed to be conservative candidates.  People want a real change in how government operates, and they got out to take action on it.

That surge is not fizzling.  That fire in the soul of the people is still burning, but indeed, the primary resulting in the liberal media victory did hurt.

Get over it.  It's been over a month already.
And people are, they seem to be recharged and emerging back out into scene shedding light on things.

Matt Mead might have the R next to his name with his name on the ballot for November, but the people of Wyoming might not be as smug with the results as what the Republican party of "Unity" set out to display.  They are far from united - unless you mean uniting Democrats with Republicans, like Mead supporters pulled off in the primary.

Taylor Haynes, Independent candidate for Governor is running as a Write-In, has been meeting a surging number of disgruntled voters turned supporters across Wyoming while the flashy and sudden success of Matt Mead is simmering down and revealing his true liberal core.
There is a sense that conservatives might find unity, not the party of that has been tainted Red, but in the candidate who is conservative - Taylor Haynes.  And the Republican party knows it.

In a political season teeming with return to founding principles, a country that is rumbling with the agitation of continued failed liberal policies and a public that is roaring with demand to do better ... the Republican party of Wyoming has in their lap a traditional party hack, a RINO, a proclaimed 'conservative' with the same fundamental flaws that got us here in the first place.

QUICK! Everyone in for a picture!

It was obvious the people want something more...  71% of the Republican voters did NOT want Mead.
The GOP expects the people of Wyoming to then just lay simmer down and be happy, confident, and have a rosy outlook about the next 4 years of Meadenthal?

The GOP knows that the people of Wyoming are not backing what has been awarded to the GOP with
nearly a 1/3 of his votes coming from converted Democrats.

With four republican candidates on the ballot for the primaries it was an easy split between conservative thinkers.  Micheli's campaign drew much attention - the fog of liberal journalism following him around.  With Meyer's Mama Grizz endorsement from Sarah Palin it was clear to liberal thinkers who not to vote for - not so clear for conservatives WHO to vote for.

But that was with four candidates on the ballot as a 'conservative' choice.

The Casper Red Star sounded the alarm early on (May 14) that the "GOP primary may be their only chance to help pick governor - Some Dems plan to cross over" because "former Wyoming Democratic Party Chairman John Millin endorsed House Speaker Colin Simpson" ... the idea of the power in switching parties had certain time to settle, and the Trib had a good amount of time to butter up their candidate while they spread the negative connotation on the conservatives.
And it was good time for the candidate to butter up the Trib as well - a whole summer really.  A whole summer of non-stop puppy love articles from the Trib and high priced advertising paid for by the Mead campaign.

During the primary campaign, Mead spent $897,000 of his own money -- or -- almost FOUR TIMES the self-contributions of Micheli, Meyer* and Simpson combined.

Mead, with public endorsements from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, the Jackson Hole News Guide, and the Wyoming Teachers Union - and oh yes, the Casper Star Tribune, just two days before the election - printed in the weekend edition, was, even with 'conservative' competition from the Democratic backed Simpson, the most liberal of the bunch.

With the Republican vote being split four ways, that liberal surge into the party, even at 10,000, was small in number but big on influence.  And the 'conservatives' were eliminated.

From a conservative stand point, the Republican ticket is now Democratic.

The November ballot has two choices - a liberal with a D and a liberal with an R.
And if you really want to have some fun you might as well just say it - one is a socialist, the other is a communist.

Mead and Petersen both openly support Obama policies through their mutual acceptance and support of continuing to take federal money, they see no problem with the bloating of government and both see the solution to 'fix things' by applying or adding new government programs to fix them.
For Example : Mead, Petersen both favor better funding for cities, towns, counties - Wyoming governor candidates Mead, Petersen spell out differences at forum 

Mead is so lost without principles that he is slowly edging away from what shred of conservatism is in his policies.  Petersen at least has a stance and sticks to it, she at least is not compromising her principles to be the moderate candidate ... and that makes Mead look weak.  Moldable.  Without a spine.  And this is why Democrats have won the Governors seat in Wyoming, because they have nothing to lose and they stick to who they are, the Republican looks weak, and of course the media is there pumping it out ...... 
Mead seems to have no clue who he is, he is simply a party puppet out there being a pretty face.  When is the last time he stood for something?  When the Trib called him the most like Freudenthal, what did he do?  Nothing.  At least when the former Democratic Chair endorsed Simpson, Simpson stood up and rebuked it.  What dos Mead's campaign look like now?  Anything new?  Same ol' Republican should rubbing and premier events that cater to the elite and special interests.
No?  Why not then did Mead not rebuke the Teachers Union endorsement?
Was it because he used that endorsement to cater to a special interest?*
What of his endorsement by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wyoming?  Is that not catering to the special interest?

And now Mead and Petersen are practically the same ... The lesser of two evils is still evil

For example, Petersen would like to not only welcome ObamaCare, even "though the new federal law is widely disliked, I believe that we (and others) can improve it over time"while Mr. Mead thinks it is the governments job to not only provide High Speed internet access but also have all medical history and records all on one electronic system and further take control of the private market, "to allow physicians to meet “meaningful use” standards for electronic health records.  Multiple, competing records systems are not the way to go."

"Government is not the solution to our problem - Government is the problem."

Public display is what 'Unity Fest' was.  Propaganda.  Showboating.  It was a photo opportunity to build on the idea.  And that is just it - they, the GOP are trying to sell an idea.  It's doubtful the people of Wyoming are buying it.

With the primary election passed, the Casper Star of Red was pleased to announce their endorsed candidate as the winner... Matt Mead wins the GOP Gubernatorial nominationWhat they hailed was the win, what they did not tell - is just the obvious*

Mead, out of 105,336 Republican Votes, only won by 714 votes.
And this is old news, but good fun to repeat ... 71% of Republican voters DIDN'T vote for Mead

*The Trib woke up a few days later with a report at the Photo-Op "Unity" Breakfast spilling the beans on the current Wyoming 'attitude' with a poll, "38% are either undecided or prefer a different candidate at this time."

The Red Party knows how to play the game too.  They know, like CBS, that Wyoming as the most conservative state in the Union.

That is laughable - but fitting for CBS.  As they're wrong.
Wyoming is RED, yes.
Conservative?  Hardly.

The GOP only hopes to capitalize on that by being the party that is NOT democrat ... but by title only.
They don't care what the people think, want, or say.  They have the side that is painted as what the people do not want, so they are safe ... In a two party system.  Kind of blows for the rest of us, the majority, to have to pick between one knot-head or the other knot-head.

The Republican party is not full of a bunch of numb skulls.  They know they have the weakest conservative candidate in their seat at a time when the entire country is reeling for fresh, new, genuine and solid conservatism.  They know that if they don't get behind him that the larger part of conservative thinkers in Wyoming - the majority - will see or read something else ... and recognize that Matt Mead is no conservative at all, with a history to prove it and support from all the wrong places: Unions, Newspapers, and an estimated 9,000 democratic voters who switched parties for the primaries.

And now they - the party, and we - Wyoming voters, have a "Red Democrat" on the ticket.
But the Trib and the Republican party sold the public "Unity - a festival of feelings" ?

And to a conservative, that, "hugs and pictures and smile for the camera" means nothing.

The governor's seat is not about going to parties and making social appearances, it is about making the hard decisions and making sure they are the right ones.  It is about answering the hard questions.

Where Conservatives ... voters ... will find their answer is by looking at all the options, asking all the hard questions, and digging into their soul to decide if what they want is a continuation of partisan politics and future frustrations, or to side with the constitution and Taylor Haynes, the man who is standing behind it - using the LAW as his guide and his authority of the power of the people.

The GOP knows that if the people wake up, they will lose.
The Democrat can not mathematically win unless Republicans vote Democratic.
Both parties fear in the loss of control - that is the only "UNITY" in the party.

The real "unity" will come from the voters - not from a parties photo-op.
So where do you stand?
Go to a Town-Hall ... bring the TOUGH questions and find-out for yourself.

------- More Reading ...
*WEA-PACE Agrees - Matt Mead is a Democrat
*Mead butters up Teachers Union - Can you say, Democrat?

"Matt Mead is the candidate who most reminds us of the state's current Democratic governor, Dave Freudenthal." Trib Article

When asked about the growth of government during the Gov. Dave years ... Matt Mead: "I think the governor has responded accordingly to that and in a proper way. And so ... I do not think the growth of government in the last 6-7 years has been excessive" audio clip
*that's with the 40,000 Meyer was said to bring from her auditor campaign accounts

It has been suggested that for the primary election, so says this Liberal Blogger, that close to 9,000 democrats switched parties to vote for Mead.

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