Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fundamental Differences : Haynes & Mead on Life/Abortion *updated*

Taylor Haynes sees a hero in all of us, Matt Mead disagrees - he needs to see a victim.*

Matt Mead, he is a lawyer you know.

Taylor Haynes, he is a Doctor.
"After completing his surgical residency in Urology, he moved to Cheyenne Wyoming to open his medical practice. He ran a very successful urology practice and became highly respected by his patients and other physicians in the community."

Here is Haynes' stance on "the sanctity of life"

from the JH Weekly - Rounding up write-ins
" Mead said he has not heard Haynes speak, but he has looked over his campaign website. He disagrees with Haynes’s opposition to abortion in all cases, including incest and rape..."**
From the Matt Mead website - snuck in the LIFE issue under "Social Issues" as if it were so mediocre that is barely deserves mentioning.
"Regarding abortion, I believe in the sanctity of life and am against abortion. But, as a conservative, I believe in individual rights and in those cases where rape or incest has occurred or the life of the mother is at risk, the decision is best left to the individuals involved, not to the government.  I am against government funding of abortion. I fervently want every pregnancy to result in a happy, healthy child in a loving, supportive home."
Can government really fix, or repair, or even put a Band-Aid on a life that has been tortured with rape or incest?

If you ask Matt Mead, the answer is yes.
He will fix that person by giving them the option to kill their child.
In what way exactly does that help a victim?

From the Declaration of Independence :
" ... are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness ... "

Life is the first listed - it must be important then.

Unalienable ... "the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them"
... them, as in : us, we the people
... unalienable, as in not able to be taken away ... as in, Natural Law ...  from nature ...
Where in nature will you find an animal that would kill its young while still in the womb?

 -- Haynes has a variety of upcoming events (listed on his website) and he welcomes challenging questions.  Haynes events on Facebook - HERE.

 -- Mead has a variety of events - HERE - coming up as well, and he sure could use the challenge.
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*If you said, 'sounds like a democrat' ... you are correct.  Mead IS a democrat.
WEA-PACE Agrees - Matt Mead is a Democrat
If you really want to compare ... just ask yourself, 'which claimed conservative candidate sounds more like the democrat?' ... Leslie Petersen, who also slid in the issue of LIFE into "Social Issues" :
"I prefer to see abortion remain a personal decision. I will work to support adoption and make it as easy as possible, and consistent with good procedure."

**THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED from the quote cited above, from the JH Weekly:
"and Mead believes that instead of standing opposed to health reform, Wyoming should follow Governor Dave Freudenthal’s lead and prepare for the changes it will bring"
There is some debate on whether Mead's stance on HealthCare Reform, according to the JH Weekly - is true or not.

This is not about HealthCare Reform -- it is about the fundamental differences on the issue of Life/Abortion between Haynes and Mead.

All are encouraged to go see Mead or Haynes and to learn about or challenge them on their stance on the issues.

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