Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contrasting Media Portrayals and What They Miss

The Casper Trib, with JP at the desk - Taylor Haynes mounts write-in campaign in Wyoming governor's race in which JP fails to distinguish any real differentiation of the issues.  No factual comparison, just some spew job on how to diminish the idea of a conservative going head to head against the liberal Mead.  As if Petersen's thoughts would help validate this theory...
"Some Republicans are worried that by drawing away votes from Mead, Haynes will be helping Petersen's chances. Petersen said that theory is "probably true."
NOT TRUE!  Not True AT ALL.  In Fact ...  Mathematically Impossible.  A certainty like this mathematical fact will surely be swept under the rug by both parties ... they can't play the fear game to keep each other elected if you believe otherwise!    3 Candidates Split the Vote : Myth Busted *update

The Jackson Hole Planet, by Benjamin Bombard - Rounding up write-ins ...
"In his view, the Constitution protects the American people from “the overreaching Federal government.” He explains his campaign slogan, “Draw the Line,” as his promise to define the boundaries between state’s rights and what he perceives as Federal intrusion, namely the health care reform acts passed last year by Congress, the Endangered Species Act and Federal gun regulations..."
What BB fails to connect is that this 'view, the Constitution protects the American people' is NOT the view of Haynes - This is the view of the constitution.
How can the principles of the constitution be his own views?
The constitution is the constitution is the constitution ... it has no biased lean or ideas.  It is what it is.
Haynes is the only one talking about the constitution with the means to implement it.
And the only one willing to do so without compromise.

It seems that Mead on the other hand is ready to make compromise.  Like he did as a Federal Attorney in working for the Bureau of ATF against Wyoming, Fundamental Differences : Haynes & Mead on the 2nd Amendment, and like how he sees no flaws in the growth of government under Freudenthal, "I think the governor has responded accordingly to that and in a proper way. And so ... I do not think the growth of government in the last 6-7 years has been excessive" audio clip

from the Casper Trib, sunday Aug. 15 - Wyoming's future will be secure in Mead's hands
"There are probably fewer partisan bones in Mead's body than any other candidate in the contest. He operates under the philosophy used by his grandfather, former U.S. senator and governor Cliff Hansen, who told him, "I don't care if (key appointees) are Democrat or Republican. At some point you have tostop being partisan and start being professional."
The difference in the articles is both astounding and predictable.
Then again, one refers to itself as "Free Independent Newspaper" and the other is referred to as the Red Star.

*(ha ha.  I like that.  The Hole Planet)

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