Friday, August 13, 2010

Mead butters up Teachers Union - Can you say, Democrat?

To those Mead supporters: Welcome to the Republican Party.
Mead asks the liberal base teachers union, "please vote for me in the Republican Primary."

It seems the Trib may have had things roughly true the whole time.
*Matt Mead is just like Dave, a democrat - and - Ron Micheli is the most conservative of the candidates.

Matt Mead, after his endorsement by the Teachers Union, has spent a good deal of money on some flashy envelopes and stationary to corral them all up - union members that is.  With words ala genuine swine, like a true democrat would, pleading for votes by making promises to the special interests ... no doubt Mead will be more attractive to other Unions around the state with this publicity he is buying to propagate himself.

A letter from Matt Mead follows:
Dear Wyoming Education Association Member:

Our future lies in our children and Wyoming should not settle for anything less that the best for education for them.  I will work with you to meet what should be the first and common goal - what is the best way to get the best education for our kids.

We need to recognize the challenges our teachers, principals and administrators face.  The vast majority of administrators, principals and teachers are excellent (those of my kids are first-rate), and we must reward and retain them.  And yet our systems don't always support the good work of teachers.  For example, many educators I have met while campaigning say that we need to take a hard look at whether PAWS testing has value.  I know that the people in the classrooms have the firsthand experience to bring the practical solutions to the challenges faced by the schools.  This is why I want to be partner with you in reaching our goals for students.

As I stated in my survey for the WEA, I wil be accessible and my door will always be open to the WEA.  I will work closely with the WEA, and I will listen to and consider all ideas and proposals.  I cannot promise that we will agree on every issue, but I do promise a fair discussion on educational issues and to be an advocate for the quality education of our children.

I want to thank the WEA for its endorsement of my candidacy.  I would be honored to have your vote in the Republican Primary for Governor on August 17th and I am asking for your help in talking with other voters about supporting me.  People listen to what teachers say about education.  Thank you again for your consideration and for your commitment to Wyoming's most precious resource, our children.


Matt Mead

P.S. Please find a campaign memento enclosed to show my appreciation for the support of the Wyoming Education Association.

2 points in follow-up.

1 - Mead makes a good distinction of the great education flaws in Wyoming - PAWS.  But makes no distinction that government is what is the problem.  PAWS is Federal funding that is ridden with regulation and control.  He has had good conversations with educators, but has not come up with a plan of attack yet to fix it?  In this case it is pretty simple Matt - keep regulations OUT.

2 - It is no secret that teachers are a large liberal base for DEMOCRATS...  Why do you suppose Matt Mead is even nosing around with the Union?  He gives that away in his last paragraph - asking Union members to vote - in a Republican Primary.  In other words - "Converted Democrats to vote for Mead."

So Mr. Mead is part of the push for Democrats to switch parties and vote for him.  Don't believe it? 

FLASHBACK - May 14 - GOP primary may be their only chance to help pick governor Some Dems plan to cross over

What was the memento?  It was a bumper sticker - "Teachers for Mead"

Welcome to the Republican Party.  May you see the light and may you never turn back.
* Proof in the TRIB claims *
on Matt Mead - May 16 - "Mead could follow in Freudenthal's footsteps" ... in which they admit their love early on, "The state has benefited from strong leadership and innovative problem-solving skills during Freudenthal's administration. With new challenges and opportunities ahead, Mead is clearly the candidate most capable of carrying on that tradition."

on Ron Micheli - June 6 - "Micheli is running against feds and status quo" ... in which they admit, in listing Micheli's stance on liberal policies, "It's a long list, and it obviously plays well with his conservative base."
August 11 - "Micheli says he's the 'real conservative' in Wyoming gubernatorial race"

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