Sunday, August 15, 2010

Matt Mead - Endorsed by the Casper Trib

HA HA HA!  Are you kidding me?  The Red Star endorsed Matt Mead months ago.
But never the less - they did endorse him.  Mead now has the following liberal rooted endorsements to his name:
  1. Wyoming Tribune Eagle.
  2. Wyoming Education Association (Teachers Union).
  3. Jackson Hole News Guide.
  4. Casper Star Tribune. 
Three newspapers and one Union.  Real nice stack of support for a proclaimed Republican.
The Red Star love for Mead is just too much - G.H.W. Bush endorses and the headline reads "Bush endorses Simpson" - Palin endorses Meyer - "______" endorses "______" ....

But with Mead?  Oh no...  the Trib doctors up this headline, making it obvious to all readers without a brain that Matt Mead is the hero come to save the day, as if he is the only answer, as if the Trib can tell the future...
Wyoming's future will be secure in Mead's hands 

Not getting into the meat of the article right now as it is more an attack on the real conservative candidate than it is an endorsement.

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snealjohn said...

One slip of the tongue, six seconds tells us that Matt would raise taxes on gasoline. What would a full minute tell us????????/

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