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George Bush Endorses Colin Simpson *correction update*

Great.  Another High Profile endorsement that creates disconnect of Wyoming reality.
Palin lost a lot of creditability with making an obvious unreasoned, without research, endorsement ... and now Simpson pulls out an old Republican party favor from out east with an endorsement from George H.W. Bush.
"Alan Simpson teaches periodically at his alma mater, the University of Wyoming at Laramie. He has completed serving as chair of the UW capital "Campaign for Distinction", which raised $204 million. That success was celebrated by the gala event, "An Extraordinary Evening", featuring former President George H.W. Bush (who had reportedly considered Simpson for the vice presidency in 1988) and Vice President Dick Cheney, another UW alumnus, and his wife, Lynne V. Cheney."
It seems that this is a favor cashed in ... it is obvious.  Simpson has had all but ONE public endorsement from Wyoming since he entered the race.  And that came from a former democrat chairman who switched parties because the Democrats can't put forth any viable candidate. - Trib: Some Democrats Plan to Cross Over

Without any real zeal having been exposed in Mr. Simpson, it is unclear what kind of impact an endorsement, even from a high profile sky diver, can have on the candidate who has had little attention the entire race.

The Casper Trib - Bush endorses Simpson:
"CHEYENNE -- Former President George H.W. Bush endorsed Colin Simpson for governor Thursday, stating in a letter that the Wyoming House speaker "is the kind of conservative leader we need more of in this country.""
Who will this endorsement really motivate?  Perhaps some Bush backers or friends of Alan Simpson will see this as a bonus, making Colin the blind slam dunk.  However, for as much disgruntled-ness (I totally just made up that word) there is about Bush and his decisions, there is one positive spin to take on this.

If Bush has overlooked Matt Mead, the US Attorney who served under Bush 43 from 2001-2007, in his determination to endorse Colin Simpson - then perhaps he did make the better choice.

But without Simpson having taken any real conservative, nor passionate stance on anything, with the headlines shouting out BUSH + SIMPSON people might finally get a chance to know him.
****Correction.  A previous draft was not clear as to which Bush, 41 or 43, was giving the endorsement.  The letter from Simpson did not make that distinction, although the letter from Bush mentioned Barbara, a clear distinction indeed.  This previous post was misleading in that it did have some connotations that it was from Bush 43.  Which the endorsement was not.  My sincerest apologies for that error.  With the opportunity to speak freely, one also has the opportunity to experience failure.  That mistake, which was brought to attention by a reader (thank you), no doubt will impact some creditability of what the Buffalo does.  But we shall take this as a lesson - like running too fast through the rivers edge brush and getting scraped by the Russian Olive ....

From Colin Simpson:

Today, I am tremendously proud to announce that President Bush has endorsed my candidacy to serve as Wyoming’s next governor.  I have the experience, the record and the vision to hit the ground running as Wyoming’s next governor.  I am ready to get to work, humbled to have the support of President Bush and eager to earn the support of every voter in Wyoming.

The letter I received from President Bush is below.

Thank you for all your help and support.  I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday.
Colin M. Simpson
Wyoming Speaker of the House
From Georgie Dearest ....

Dear Colin,

I am writing today to offer my full endorsement of your candidacy to serve as the next Governor of Wyoming.

I have followed your tenure as Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives and your work to balance Wyoming’s budget by reducing spending instead of raising taxes. You fully understand the energy industry that provides so many jobs in Wyoming and for us here in Texas. You have always worked hard to bring people together around conservative solutions for Wyoming instead of using politics to drive people apart.

When the people of Wyoming go to the polls on Tuesday, I sincerely hope they will take a long look at your record, your experience, and your vision for the State. You are the kind of conservative leader we need more of in this country, and Barbara and I wish you all the best in your campaign.

Sincerely and with warm regards,
George Bush


Anonymous said...

Wow....I do hope you realize Bush 41 endorsed Simpson not Bush 43. Mead didn't serve under Bush 41. Bush 41 is quite popular these days in conservative circles unlike his son, and this should give Simpson a boost in a an area he desperately needs help-the right. Maybe now with the biggest political endorsement this campaign has seen (former president trumps former gov of alaska.) people will start to lean towards Simpson.

WyoPoli said...

You are correct. My greatest apologies. It was not clarified in the Simpson statements.

Agreed - Bush Senior will have a better impact than Bush Jr. One does have to wonder though, having worked under Reagan - what kind of study even Senior did in making his decision.

It may give Simpson some boost - yes.

Though the letter reads more like a Simpson stump speech cover letter than it does like it was written from the heart.

Anonymous said...

President Bush did look into the candidates, and the Bushs do like Mead, as he was nominated by W. for the position of U.S. Attorney. Obviously his contribution and his FULL endorsement means he supports Simpson as the best candidate. The main impact this brings is that a conervative leader is supporting Simpson, giving him credentials in fiscally conservative governing. With polls showing almost 1 in 5 voters being undecided, and with only inch deep support for the candidates across the board this could give Simpson the edge he needs going into the final week.

PS the letter indicates Barbara Bush not Laura, big hint as to which Bush it is.

WyoPoli said...

There is no doubt that Bush believes that Simpson is the best candidate. The question is - do the people of Wyoming think that?

Why do you think Simpson - Alan's son - if he is so Fiscally Conservative -Thanks for the growth in government by the way- that he has gained zero endorsements from any people in Wyoming?

Unless he has? Besides the democrat convert...

This endorsement seems a lot more like a daddy did me a favor than anything really genuine.

Does taxing non-profits because they make too much money sound like a conservative value?

What about conservatism on Pro-Life? From LIFENEWS.COM on the Susan B. Anthony List endorsements going to Rita Meyer and Ron Micheli ....
"Myer will face four other candidates in the Wyoming gubernatorial primary on August 17, including pro-life advocate Ron Micheli and pro-abortion candidate Colin Simpson."


Not Conservative.

Anonymous said...

First Colin is fiscally conservative as he led the legislature as Speaker to cut the state budget by $990 billions and has proposed a sunset advisory board to cut further wasteful spending. The growth in government came from the growth in revenue. Thats a good thing and was not caused by Simpson.

Second: Simpson has gained endorsements from Wyomingites: Tom Lubanau, Charles Scott, Pat Childers, Bryan Pederson, Phil Nicholas & Keith Gingrey to only name a few. All current legislators.

Third: Al Simpson didnt ask President Bush to endorse his son, and has remained low key in his campaign. Bush contributed to Colin's campaign on his own accord as well as submitted the letter of endorsement.

Fourth: Colin has pledged to oppose all additional taxing as he has done as speaker and is the only candidate to visit non-profit organizations like the Natrona Co. Child Development Center.

Fifth: No one is Pro-Abortion. Simply stupid to mention it, as your are saying Colin is Pro-Killing babies. The proper term is pro-choice and Simpson holds the position of opposing abortions except in cases of rape and incest which is the same position as Mead and Meyer. Simpson has also voted continually against state and federal funding for abortions which is the only way to effectively lower abortions.

You should watch what you write because you will mis-inform people.

WyoPoli said...

Facts are stubborn things.

Your stance on Simpson and abortion is bogus. Pro-Choice is killing babies - no matter what excuse or reason for the conception. If you are pro-choice, babies die. End of story.
That quote in the last comment was not mine - it came from the article. Hence, it was in quotes.
It is not stupid to mention it. It is what it is.
Facts are not stupid. They are stubborn.

It is very easy to make it look like you "cut" a budget when the state gov. nabs up a whole mess load of federal funds to supplement that "savings."

If one proposes a "Sunset Commission" that means Wyoming would need people to man it, yes? As in - have wyoming pay people to over see budget expenses... as in.. create government jobs? You dont see that as a growth of government? you cant offer a solution to fix gov. by growing gov. That is just crazy talk.
Micheli proposes Zero Based Budgeting -which requires no commission or board or extra hired hands. It requires people to balance a budget.

Unless this is Mr. G.H.W.Bush himself - I dont believe any line that the influence of Alan Simpson and the political family ties has nothing what so ever to do with his endorsement. So what - he donated to the campaign. Another out of state donation. What does that really mean?
Micheli has the most IN state donations by individuals by far. And the most endorsements. So if we want to start on the validity of endorsements and donations - lets start there - here. at home in Wyoming.

If Simpson has gained endorsements, then where are they published? Because they are no where to be found in any legitimate way. If you have them - great. pass them on. I would love to add those so far secret endorsements to the list. QUESTIONED the validity of the endorsement I did.

So a candidate can visit a Non-Profit ... so visitation has more validity than actions? What kind of criteria is that? If people are happy with a candidate, then they endorse him. And it shows. Simpson has his G.H.W.Bush and Micheli has everything else except for the teachers unions, a few papers, and Sarah Palin.

People will decide for themselves what they believe. WyPoli offers up the right bias on things - if people like it - good for them. If they dont - I am sorry. People are free to look around and find whatever information they want to make their own decisions.

- "Simpson has also voted continually against state and federal funding for abortions which is the only way to effectively lower abortions."

Great... not the only way - but since you are on that topic - Which candidate wrote legislation for Wyoming that DOES NOT allow state funded abortions?

Answer - Ron Micheli.

Which candidate has all of the pro-life endorsements in Wyoming?

Answer - Ron Micheli.

The endorsements speak for themselves. Bush's came late in the game, and getting lots of publicity because he is a high profile guy.
Question still stands ...

What do endorsements really mean anyway?

I'll give you the 6 people you listed. plus the democrat conversion. plus Bush. That brings Colin to a raw 8.

Micheli has 14.

That is a fact and it is not misleading in the slightest.

Anonymous said...


This is pathetic

Pro-Choice means you are allowing that choice and you don't want them to have un-safe or back-ally abortions. Thats what Roe v. Wade came into play. It is safer that they be leagl for the time being so sacred and confused women dont go and do it themselves or by untrained hand. Miche

They have been published. Pederson, Lubanau , Childers published letters to the editor in support of Simpson. The rest have openly campaigned for him around the state.

Read the newspaper and open your eyes and you will see the endorsement. This is what I am talking about. You can't find these endorsements and you confused the Bushes when the letter obviosuly states George H. W. Bush. Maybe you should stop posting and get your "stubborn" facts straight.

I hate to tell you this but the Governor has limited authority on abortion and thats about half of Micheli's endorsements. Roe v. Wade and the courts have they authority there unless it concerns funding which both Micheli and Simpson has opposed. His other ones are from buddies in the legislature back when he served. Micheli is calling in favors on those too.

I dont have to be Bush to say so, because the article states the Simpson Campaign not Al Simpson, which includes his campaign manager set up the endorsement.

Actually read and follow the news before you post jeez! Yes they are free to make their own decisions but when you mix up the Bushes and say pretty much that Colin is going around killing babies himself since thats what being pro-choice means. Simpson is once again against all abortions except for cases of Rape and Incest. Micheli just recently said he was against abortions in rape and incest so has he been killing babies apparently too.

WyoPoli said...

Your words "Micheli just recently said he was against abortions in rape and incest so has he been killing babies apparently too."

"Against" the key word there. Against abortions. as in pro life in rape and incest - but then he is killing babies also. ?!?!?!?
Where are you going with this?

Do babies die under pro choice? Answer - yes.

A letter to the editor is not an endorsement. Its a letter to the editor. Is it published on Simpson's webpage? like he is proud to have their endorsement like he was G.H.W. Bush?

I admitted that the G.H.W.Bush was a mix up. What more do you want?

Again. Question stands. What do endorsements really mean anyways?

What I say is "pretty much" what is said. nothing else. I have never said colin simpson is running around killing babies. Those are your words.

Anonymous said...

I meant Micheli recently shared Simpson's apparent pro-choice position which you call killing babies. Both shared the idea of being against abortions except in cases of rape and incest. He only recently changed this.

A letter to the editor is an endorsement and it is published on his website. LOOK IT UP! PLEASE! you are killing me here.

You said Simpson is Pro-Abortion and you have said pro-choice is killing babies. That means you think Simpson votes in favor of killing babies. These are your words.

I really dont understand why it matters, because abortion is a minor issue that the Governor has very little authority over. If this were a race for the U.S. Senate or president yes I could see that but Governor?

WyoPoli said...

I did not say Simpson is pro abortion. That was a quote, it was in "quotes" - a citation, of which a source was provided.

Is Pro-Choice different than pro-life with choice in cases of rape and incest?

Abortion or not abortion may not be under the direct call of the governor - really?
What about fighting Obama's Health Care of which uses tax funds to pay for abortions? and I think it is a pretty urgent matter for any person who gets elected as it explains where their foundation of values lie.

Colin is willing to join the fight against Obama Care - which is great. He says he does not want to raise taxes - great.
Do I think Simpson would be a better governor that Gov. Dave? Yes.

Colin's page of public endorsement is nothing but a comment section.

Letters to the editor are not endorsements, they are letters to the editor. If we counted every letter to the editor for every candidate it would be ridiculous. Those candidates that had published "endorsements" or had an answer when I called their campaign headquarters, or had the word "endorse" in the headline in published articles around the state, those were the ones that got added to the list.

Regardless, The next two days will be quite telling.

and then we have 2 months to debate between the winner of the R primaries and the new independent, proclaimed constitutionalist, Mr. Haynes.

What fun.

Anonymous said...

ok. I am tired of this campaign so I am glad its tomorrow.

Those letters were from current and former state legislators and they have donated to their campaign. Yes I know average joes you shouldnt count but state legislators publicly say they think Simpson is the best choice. How is that not an endorsement.

We shall see tomorrow if they mattered or not. Honestly I dont think Simpson will win tomorrow. I expect either Mead or Meyer too.

WyoPoli said...

As do I. With the Trib treating them like a lost puppy, how hard can it really be? Mead has been pumping money into the trib for too long for them not to love him.

I am sure that every endorsement is deserving in the eyes of the beholder. That's all it is ... confidence boosting in those on the fences and the candidate.

If you have not read the overton window - it is highly recommended. Endorsed you could say. =)

It is about November now ...

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