Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gay Rights Activists seek to further empower government ...

Recently from the Red Star ...
8/25 - Couple challenges Wyoming's gay marriage ban
8/29 - Some fear suit could galvanize opposition - Gay marriage lawsuit worries activists
Those "activists" are right... they should fear the courts - as they have been deemed too much power out of the complacency of people believing that what courts say is forever and ever "right" ...

the courts have nothing to do with sexual orientation, nor marriage.

as far as I know - there is nothing in the constitution, which declares rights, that makes any distinction about rights to people based on their sexual orientation.

This is not even an issue of "rights" because it just isn't.

No where in the constitution does it talk about marriage either.

Both of these topics are matters from the bible and ultimately people will have to take their choices through life to God.  If people seek answers - that is where they need to go - the bible - not the court room.

The real question is - why is the government involved in the dealings of marriage at all?

What does government stand to gain by being involved?

People in government have been making the sale for ages ... "government should be providing the people with this... and this .. and this ..."  and people buy into it.  Giving government more and more control, regulated authority over the decisions people make.  Obama is a Jedi master at this deception, once having said that "the constitution doesn't say what the government must do on your behalf"

It's both R's and D's that have applied this Liberal thinking.

Now government is so entitled to making decisions that people turn to the courts and to lashing out at society, making scenes, drawing attention ... then using the attention as the fuel to boost through legislation ...

When people should personally be turning to God and the bible, they are turning to government instead.

Is it not then so fitting to compare that attitude and apply it to politicians and treat them as God - like a God? ... with that kind of blind admiration, what do we expect but to produce tyrannical narcissistic megalomaniacs?


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