Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Democrats Win Republican Primary. Time to Trade-Up.

Matt Mead wins.  results here
Time for conservatives to drop the traditional party - get ready to vote Independent in November.

The Casper Red Star (aka Trib) must be flying high above cloud nine.  With as much "i heart mead" articles and headlines they published it is hard not to imagine them taking personal credit for taking such a prominent hand in the Mead success story.  Having personally defeated candidates with real conservatism - there has got to be a room somewhere, full of Trib folks walking around the room like a bunch of turkeys in heat.

Those Mead Voters will no doubt do the same, being on the band wagon of victory.

Let it not last long.  There is still a conservative hunter in the woods, blasting those liberally principled turkeys out of the air with common sense.

His name - Taylor Haynes -- A Self Made American

Haynes needs your signature to join the race.  A.S.A.P.
Sign the Petition

Start telling your friends.  Spread the word.  Wyoming deserves better.  DRAW THE LINE

Haynes Home Page -- Facebook -- YouTube


Glenn said...

People in Wyoming are not happy with our president, a lawyer, a strong supporter of the union, a man who has no reservations about taxes, mushy at best on the 2nd amendment and a man with values that seem to change with the wind. And what do we do, elect someone who seems fits the same mold. Seems to me the vote is certainly not a mandate for Mr. Mead. The results would have been different had it not been for the union democrats changing party affiliation in their quest to keep Micheli out.

Anonymous said...

Are you really suggesting that 30,272 people are completely dumb? Where is the confidence in the voter? How would the headline read if YOUR candidate had won? The lack of tolerance, acceptance, and willingness to be considerate of those with differing views throughout this blog is disgusting.

Furthermore, even Haynes doesn't want to be affiliated with Republican leaders right now.

"A registered Republican, Haynes said he's running as an independent because he disagrees with Republican leaders on issues from the financial bailout to immigration."
-- UW board member Taylor Haynes running for governor (Casper Star-Tribune, August 2, 2010)

Oh, wait! CST is not a respected source of journalism for Wyoming Politico.

But then again, WP loves telling people how to live their lives, do their jobs, vote for elected officials, and support the values and morals it espouses.

Hmmm...sounds a bit like the government WP hates so much, always infringing on our rights as citizens and making us all feel warm and fuzzy inside to keep us in the dark about the real issues and voices of the people.

Hypocrisy, much?!

WyoPoli said...

What I suggest is that the Trib is largely biased to the liberal perspective.

If you want to blame it on numbers of voters - go right ahead. Start with those who voted for Obama then why dontcha.

Lack of tolerance? That is hilarious. It is hard to tolerate liberal puke in the media - just as hard as it is for a liberal to read whatever conservative puke is on this blog.

But so pleased that someone can see that there is a bias in media. Good for you.

only difference is I am a people and I am a voice. I am not some paid off Trib taking checks cut from the Mead campaign for the last months while at the same time building up the voter confidence

But even with readers who hate to read it still reading it ... well... whatever!

Good for Haynes. Glad he is getting after it. Wish he would have entered earlier. With guys like him in the race there is some real hope for Wyoming to get on a better path.

As for the party system - I agree. Rep. and Dem. are sad sad sad. Those candidates on the ballot don't represent constitutional values like Mr. Haynes does - and I think we all, including Haynes can agree on that.

Gabe said...

Anonymous do the world a favor. If you don't have the stones to put your name on a post and all you want to do is to whine and cry because someone called your candidate on his bs then do the world a favor and keep your mouth shut. I notice you didn't deny what Glenn said either ... just danced around the question. Interesting. Sounds like typical liberal bs to me.

Shane said...

www.haynesforgovernor.com Conservatives ONLY CHOICE!

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