Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What's Great About America?

The greatest "Richness" that America has: Liberty - it is the foundation of which America is built, the idea of a single man having the ability to do, say, act, ... live however he/she chooses.
That is what makes us rich.  Liberty is the tool that gives us drive to succeed.
The material wealth in America is the wealth of the population of successful individuals, not 'collective individuals' and that wealth is only achieved through the ability to innovate, to think, to try, buy, sell, and to fail (under American principles we are allowed to fail that is, not under the latest ideas of the federal government via Bush and now more aggressively enabling, Obama).

Regardless, Mr. Stossel offers great argument and

Video 2 - The Military - And WHY do we feel so compelled to rebuild countries that have had to suffer the pitfalls/consequences of war?  Is it really a 'tradition' started with the end of WWII or has it become this politically correct thing that we compel ourselves to do out of fear of media driven outrage by doing nothing?
What if America did no rebuilding and simply had the precedent to leave people alone, foreign and domestic, and to allow those who want to succeed - LEGALLY - come to the United States and have that ability to try in an environment that protects personal liberty.... What if?
Video 3 - Charity - We are the most charitable Nation on the Planet - by individuals... not the Government.  The Government is a taker - Freedom Living people, we are naturally charitable.
Video 4 -The Battle of Civil Violence - "America has done remarkably well" ... racism in America, mostly seen now by limiting people of race by categorizing them as losers, as needy, as helpless, as in need of aid from a liberal think tank program.  Sadly the truth does not get enough press - there is nothing holding anyone back from achieving their dreams.  (except of course for gov. regulations) Nothing that can't be achieved through the ability to try, to work...  Not in America.
Video 5 - Freedom of Speech, Expression, Religion... Amendment 1 - It is freedom... but it is under attack.  We need to know what great value this freedom is to our society if we are to protect it and elect those who would protect it, to no end.  Limit of speech in any form, is the relinquishment of human rights unto government to regulate and control.  This gives a great example of the extreme power of law that is purposely written with legalese and vagueness.
Video 6 - Plenty not to like - Really?  This still remains the place where people flock to live under the benefits of economic freedom.  Why do our own bureaucrats not recognise that simple connection?  Why are the examples US Politicians want follow other countries around the world?  Why do we lessen the value and opportunity that once thrived in America?  Why do we limit economic prosperity with regulation?  Limit the idea of success with programs that trap people in necessity?  Why are all of America's greatest qualities the things that are appologized for around the world?
Why do we cater to the underdog for being the beacon of light, hope... a shinning light on the hill.
Why do we let the light dim only so that it looks like everyone elses?

Answer: Liberalism, Progressivism and the growth of apathy and complacency in our citizens to accept them with open arms.

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