Friday, July 16, 2010

*updated* SHOCKING? Evidence that Connects Obama to Voter Fraud, YAWN!, again!

Worked for ACORN ... organized people to get out and do 'drive by' votes... use of the Black Panthers to tell Nanny to go home... The more we know about the truth of this man the more American dignity gets shrunken down into a tiny little jar of nuts... that the commies sit around and toy with while sipping vodka and toasting Stalin.
This is such madness.
We have a large deficit of American Patriotism in this country for it to come to this.
Conservatives are on the endangered species list and all paying interest to the liberalism machine.
This woman poses a question of which I am shocked to hear from a still proclaimed Democrat, 'if the democratic party is an architect of its destiny, what kind of building is it building right now?'

Here is the full documentary

----- "We investigated fraud ... voters were not legal"




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