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Matt Mead. The Trib Loves Him, Gun Owners-Not So Much *updated*

--The Casper Star Tribune is clearly in 'puppy love' with Matt Mead.

*update* August 2 -- Matt Mead for governor, the next liberal champion to be adored by the media
"The media that loves Obama is now falling all over Matt Mead"...
Along with all the Casper Star Tribune praise, "Mead could follow in Freudenthal's footsteps," now the Wyoming Tribune Eagle is also endorsing him
--Rita Meyer comes in as a "close second" in the Wyoming Tribune opinion article.
--Matt Mead and Rita Meyer...Isn’t it great to know “who not to vote for”?" 
Original Post Date,  July 25
Their most recent article 'Then something clicked', is a story so doctored up with puppy love and baby talk it's like it is straight from a 'Cinderella Story' playbook that any reader would justifiably anticipate the line, "DRIVER!  MOVE THAT BUS!" 
The Trib's editorial on Matt Mead - May 16 - "Mead could follow in Freudenthal's footsteps"
Interesting to note that Matt Mead's drive by line is and has been, "Lead.  Not follow."
Perhaps another classic American example of the Liberal Media not having done their homework.
From that May 16 article:
"Matt Mead is the candidate who most reminds us of the state's current Democratic governor, Dave Freudenthal.
Considering that Freudenthal has a sky-high approval rating of about 80 percent in a very conservative state, and is well respected by most Republicans, that's high praise."
I would like to see the citation for this poll.  It is no where to be seen in this article. 
In a wide-ranging discussion, here are some of the thoughts Mead shared:
* Economic diversification. "With our low-cost electricity, I don't understand why Wyoming couldn't be the data center capital of the country."
Data Center?
* Cap and trade. "I think it would be very damaging, not only to Wyoming but to the United States."
You THINK? I can tell ya, I know, and I knew it pretty firm a year ago.  I think most of America did, as the UN-popularity of it is why the Democrats have not jammed it through just yet.
* Health care reform. "My own view is that it is not constitutional. We should fully explore if it's legal or not."
Not a whole lot of urgency from Mr. Mead on Federal Intrusions to tell states how to operate here.
I recall a certain scene from the American Revolution, when the British were storming across fields in a big red line.  If I were the head of a house hold, and a battle looked like it was coming across the field, right into my back yard, I would load guns and have a plan for how to get the family safe and to defend myself.  Not grab a pen and some paper and write down what questions I have for the General.
"Mr. British General Sir, this seems wrong to me but I would like to ask a few questions ...
* Toll roads. "I'm generally not in favor of tolling ... but everything ought to be on the table now."
Not taking a solid stance on anything here, are we?
* Education. "We've put too much emphasis on our kids needing to go to a four-year institution. ... We can't put a stigma on (vocational-technical training), that it's a lesser education."
Agreed.  So what's the plan?  Thinking is one thing, talking a plan is another.
* Rainy-day funds. "I think it's cloudy, but I don't think the big rain has come yet. The next few years are going to be even tougher."
Did he just set the stage for allowing himself to possibly 'open up the clouds' and 'let it rain?'
Mead also showed that he can laugh at himself, which is a nice trait. Confronted with a question about the similarities he shares with GOP opponents Rita Meyer, Ron Micheli and Colin Simpson, he deadpanned, "We are not the same. Rita, Ron and Colin all have more hair than me."
Good one.  That is funny.  And yes, that is a nice trait.  But Wyoming is not inviting a guest to a dinner party.  We need a governor who is solid, takes action, and gets results.  Chris Christie is a good recent example.

WyGO, Wyoming's Only No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization wrote Thursday, November 19, 2009 : Matt Mead Rejected as Governor ... "The headline should read “Gun owners beware of formers U.S Attorneys”. But it’s best that you decide…"  Read it HERE 

From the Matt Mead web page: Issues: Gun Rights
Protection of Gun Rights
  • Support efforts to limit federal control of guns
  • Encourage greater access for sportsmen

"...I will oppose federal efforts to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights. My collection of guns includes AR 15 models, .50 caliber, .22s, and many others. I do not want you or me to lose our right to own and use these guns. Therefore, I support the sunset of the assault weapons ban and reciprocity with other states for Wyoming’s concealed carry laws. I will also direct my Attorney General to resist efforts to change new policy which allows guns to be carried in our national parks.  ..."
"...Don’t let California bloggers or folks with hidden agendas muddy the waters because I was a prosecutor. I have always felt one of the best protections of gun rights is to enforce the ones on the books rather than adding new laws.
Tourism and hunting mean a great deal to Wyoming, and I always want Wyoming to be a place where we can be proud to say, “Come visit, you will like what you see.” I am and always will be an avid outdoorsman. I support the efforts of the Wyoming Game and Fish, in cooperation with private landowners, to increase access through the Access Yes program to lands not otherwise accessible. We have to put Wyoming first. We have to make sure the public and sportsmen have access. I oppose land swaps or sales that further limit the public or sportsman’s access to state land or diminish the quality of the access. The State has its school trust obligation, but sometimes a short-term benefit is not good for the long-term. We should participate in the public process provided by Wyoming law for land swaps or sales, voicing concerns. We do not want to see public access to state land going, going, gone."

It seems like he is just jumping from one issue to the next, in support of everything ... standing up for nothing.  

WyGO seems to have gotten it right. 

Further Reading/Resources :

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"The 2nd Amendment, starting in the latter half of the 20th century, became an object of much debate. Concerned with rising violence in society and the role firearms play in that violence, gun control advocates began to read the 2nd Amendment one way. On the other side, firearm enthusiasts saw the attacks on gun ownership as attacks on freedom, and defended their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment...  Today's Debate ...  Recent Developments"


Glenn said...

"Reminds us most of our current Governor" and this is supposed to make conservatives feel good about Matt Mead?

Anonymous said...

For someone who seems so concerned with semantics and concerned in no way with being offensive, close-minded, and completely intolerant of other view points, values, morals or beliefs, it begs the question why the author of Wyoming Politico was not on the ballot running for governor. Surely, with it's 53 followers, said author of WP would be able to garner the financial support it takes to run a sufficient campaign full of conservative craziness to get their name out.

WyoPoli said...

Author of Wyo Poli (R) vs. Anonymous (D)

That really would be fun.

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