Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Conservatives Endorse Micheli ... the Trib got it right.

Central Wyoming Conservative PAC Endorses Ron Micheli for Governor
Lander, Wyo – The Central Wyoming Conservative PAC is pleased to announce its endorsement of Ron Micheli, Republican for Governor.

CWCPAC Chairman John Birbari: “Ron Micheli is no newcomer to the conservative movement.

  • He demonstrated his authentic conservative outlook through his 16 year voting record in the Wyoming Legislature.
  • He has pledged to reign in state spending by instituting zero based budgeting if elected.
  • He is an advocate for interpreting the US Constitution according to the original intent of the founders. That means standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights and our state’s rights under the 9th and 10th Amendments.”
“After listening to all the Republican candidates for governor, it is apparent that Ron Micheli is the only true conservative in the race,”
“Micheli is a proponent of the conservative tenets of individual liberty, limited government, private property rights, low taxes, free market capitalism and believes that the government that governs least governs best. He was the only candidate at the Wyoming Republican State Convention to openly declare he is Pro-Life and proud of it.”
No surprise there.  Even the Casper Trib has hailed Ron Micheli as the most conservative of the bunch.
An excerpt from the Micheli response to the Casper Trib, back in early June, which addressed his deep rooted conservatism:
"Ron Micheli is guilty as charged in that he wants to lead a much smaller state government and unleash the private sector in Wyoming. The reason is simple – it is the private sector that creates opportunity and good jobs for our young people – not government. Ron’s vision for Wyoming is a prosperous Wyoming with sustained economic growth, good jobs for our young people, excellence in education, and an environment that encourages businesses to come to Wyoming and invest. This vision can only come to fruition with a smaller state government that keeps taxes low, spending down, and removes of unwarranted and outdated regulations."  >> Click HERE to Read the Rest
 The Casper Trib though is taking a new stance on their attack.  Micheli said in a luncheon last week that he has Windmill son his property and he came out and let it be known.  Interesting now that the trib digs up this "news" ... Like with the last headlines concerning the Craigslist Rapist, they are running it two days as well...

July 28 - Micheli's family ranch received federal subsidies 
July 29 -  Micheli received federal subsidies 

Mean While ...  Colin Simpson released his first Commercial 
More to come....

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