Monday, July 19, 2010

Action to Take

Every voice counts.  Every phone call counts.
Here are THREE things to take action with starting this Monday morning, July 19, 2010
1 - On Defending the Rights of a Parent
NEWS - A UN International Treaty that is being brought back to life by Obama will trump US laws and make the Government the ultimate authority over parents in raising children.
visit:  and petition the treaty.
NUMBERS -  Call the White House Switch Board and ask to speak to your Representative:
Ask: "Where do you stand on the Rights of the Child UN Treaty?" 
MORE INFO - Older Post: Liberalism Attacks the Family via Globalization

2 - On Keeping Elena Kagan away from Supreme Rule of the Land
NEWS - This week the Senate Judiciary Committee will decide on the fate of the country with a vote to decide on the nomination of Elena Kagan's admittance onto the Supreme Court.
Newt: Kagan's actions are so un-American she should've been disqualified from the very beginning.
NUMBERS - Call the Members of the Committee Directly OR Call your State Representative and urge them to talk to these members in person.
Direct numbers to the Republicans on the committee.
Jeff Sessions (R-AL) (202) 224-4124
Orin Hatch (R-UT) (202) 224-5251
Chuck Grassley (R-IA) (202) 224-3744
Jon Kyl (R-AZ) (202) 224-4521
Lindsay Graham (R-SC) (202) 224-5972
John Cornyn (R-TX) (202) 224-2934
Tom Coburn (R-OK) (202) 224-5754
When it comes to Kagan, just say NO!  She has no experience and a radical track record for defying personal liberty and using the courts to grow government.
MORE INFO - Older Posts w/video: Why Obama Wants Kagan -- Kagan's Attack on Those Who Serve,
Kagan is simply an Obama puppet.
If she gets nominated, expect Obama to use the Supreme Court to his advantage.
You saw how torqued he was during the SOTU when he did not get what he wanted.

3 - On Using on the Checks and Balances within the Constitution - If We Don't Follow Rules, We Have Tyranny.  Plain and Simple.  No One Is Above The Law.
It's Time for a Closer Look
"investigation into allegations of illegal voting by felons in the state's bitterly contested 2008 Senate election.... the number of illegal votes greatly exceeded the 312-vote margin that made Al Franken a U.S. senator -- and barely two months before the records will be destroyed."
from Article 1.5.1 of the US Constitution
*** The Senate and the House of Representatives shall each judge and determine whether or not its members have been properly elected to represent their respective consituencies
*** Each House shall be the sole judge of whether of not elected Senator or Representative has the required qualifications.
This means that if the elected representatives stand up and take action to make sure that rules and regulations are followed, then rules and regulations are followed and not just here nor there.
We have rules for a reason.  In government they are a necessity other wise we have madness, elected officials who are an embarassment to society and disasters that result from not following regulations .... i.e. Deep Water Horizon Rig
NUMBERS -  Call the White House Switch Board and ask to speak to your Representative:
Mike Enzi, John Barasso, and Cynthia Lummis
Ask: "What are senators doing to make sure senators are seated legally?"
MORE INFO - More from the All Mighty Google,
What Al Franken's Election Tells UsFor those who claim that vote fraud isn't a problem, Al Franken's election to the Senate demonstrates not only that vote fraud exists but also that it can alter elections and indeed the laws of the country.
Felons Favor Democrats 
Once one acknowledges that other felons illegally voted in Minnesota in 2008, it becomes even more certain that Mr. Franken obtained his Senate seat from felons voting for him.
Pawlenty's take on the federal budget and on Coleman-Franken election developments
Want MOREPetition to stop LAME DUCK shenanigans... HERE

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