Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is the "Shame on Walgreens" all about?

Basically, Union members are mad at Walgreens because they(Walgreens) are hiring contractors outside of local areas to do construction.
These are free market principles at work.  During these dire times as a nation, in this economy, businesses have to make cuts and be more thrifty than generous.  In this case of course, Walgreens being thrifty is cutting their expenses, which will allow them to keep more of the currently employed.  Big Government mandates and this new Health Care is an additional cost for everybody, especially businesses.  The decision to hire, take the lower bid if it is out of state is no doubt influenced by the extra costs that Walgreens has to face.
The union is just plain, here, greedy.  They only want to provide a service as long as they get the amount of money that they want.  If the union was really FOR keeping things local, they might consider offering up a lower bid?  How bad could it be?  If a company from out of state can incur the costs of travel as well as labor, surely a local contractor could make the cut.  At least then they might have a job, rather than spend hours out on a street corner like a babbling spoiled brat.
It is sad that people do not see the opportunities in free market principles.  Walgreens is taking their money across state lines because it is a cheaper cost to them.  Huh.  Interesting.  Let us apply that same idea to Health Care, businesses, and Families.  Does Obama Care allow individuals and businesses to buy care across state lines?  Nope.  That was a Republican proposal, can't have that.  Conservative values lost in the political muscling in Washington.  It would be a great service to our economy, our nation, and every local business if the spoiled brats would embrace real free market principles.  After all, a free economy is a free and prosperous people.

Some quotes from the article.
--Walgreens has more than 7,500 stores in all 50 states.
--Wyoming has approximately 150 members in the carpenters union, with the local branch headquartered in Casper. The protests in Wyoming are only taking place in Casper for the time being
And perhaps the greatest revelation to come out of the Star Tribune in a great while...
"People express their values when they shop and need to know [the problem] when they go shopping," he said."
So very true...  So if Walgreens, and the free markets, is something we freedom loving Americans love and support - go spend some money there.  Fill the place.  Even if it is to buy a pack of gum, tylenol, pictures, a soft drink... A surge in business would be a backfire to liberal/union brat tactics and a sure victory for real local market principles.

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