Wednesday, June 09, 2010

State's Rights Champion and Former Arizona Sheriff Endorses Micheli

Sheriff Richard Mack Endorses Ron Micheli for Governor

Casper, WY-- Sheriff Richard Mack, of Safford, AZ, endorsed Ron Micheli (MY-kel-aye) as his choice for Governor of Wyoming.

In 1994, while serving as Sheriff of Graham County, AZ, Sheriff Mack sued the federal government over the Brady bill. He later won a U.S. Supreme Court decision in the lawsuit on the basis of State's rights. This victory launched Sheriff Mack into the national spotlight, and he has been a very strong advocate for State's rights and protecting liberty under the 10th Amendment ever since.

"The reason I'm supporting Ron is that he understands the issues that really are pertinent to the state of Wyoming, and first and foremost is State sovereignty. Wyoming has such great and vast resources, it's just absolutely amazing how rich, prosperous, and productive Wyoming could be if we could just get the federal government off Wyoming's back, and Ron Micheli understands that.

What a great opportunity Wyoming has this year to elect a Governor who knows and understands that Wyoming is not a puppet of the federal government; that Wyoming owns and controls its own land, resources, and education of children.

This is the most important time in the history of our country. It's more important who your Governor is than who your next President is, and if you elect a Governor who knows and understands that he can stand against federal intrusions, then Wyoming will return to a great and prosperous State."

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