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Micheli Response to Casper Star Tribune

The Casper Star Tribune posted their Micheli article Sunday, June 6 - "Micheli is running against feds and status quo"

Micheli posted his response to the liberal attack on his conservative values shortly after...
Response to the Casper Star Tribune Article: 
Micheli Answers the CST
Today, the Casper Star Tribune published an editorial on Ron Micheli. Undoubtedly, they intended the editorial to be a negative in the minds of Wyoming voters when it came to describing Ron as the most conservative person in the race. However, Wyoming voters know that the conservative principles of lower taxes, restrained spending, removal of outdated and unwarranted regulations and standing up for Wyoming against federal intrusions is exactly the type of governor Wyoming needs. Let's take a look at some of the things the CST wrote about Ron and explore the ultimate meaning.

"[He] left us with the impression that he wants to turn the clock back a few decades and lead a much smaller state government that primarily gets out of the way of business."

Ron Micheli is guilty as charged in that he wants to lead a much smaller state government and unleash the private sector in Wyoming. The reason is simple - it is the private sector that creates opportunity and good jobs for our young people - not government. Ron's vision for Wyoming is a prosperous Wyoming with sustained economic growth, good jobs for our young people, excellence in education, and an environment that encourages businesses to come to Wyoming and invest. This vision can only come to fruition with a smaller state government that keeps taxes low, spending down, and removes of unwarranted and outdated regulations.

It is interesting that the CST claims a vision like this would be "turning the clock back a few decades." Apparently their vision of Wyoming is one with a larger, more active government, more regulation, and more spending - which inevitably leads to more taxes. All we have to do is look to the federal government and to the state governments of California and New York to see how well that works. It just doesn't.

"The candidate is at his most passionate when he's railing against Barack Obama's administration."

Ron believes that the recently passed Obamacare may be the most egregious example of federal intrusion Wyoming has ever experienced. Add into that the EPA takeover of the passage cap and trade through the regulatory process instead of the legislative process, and the continued abuses of the Endangered Species Act by the federal government in an effort to control states like Wyoming. If a candidate for governor of Wyoming is not passionate about these issues they should not be elected. We all know that the economy of Wyoming is directly tied to the policies of Washington. Our next governor must have the courage to stand up and defend Wyoming's rights. If that is a negative in the mind of the CST, then so be it.

"In Ron Micheli's Wyoming, not much is right."

This is simply not true! Ron is running for governor because there is so much that is right about Wyoming and he wants to preserve it. Wyoming needs to elect a conservative governor because only a truly conservative governor will keep taxes low, spending down, and push back against federal intrusions into the lives of Wyomingites.

The CST almost got it right when they said that Ron would take Wyoming in a different direction than Governor Freudenthal. During Governor Freudenthal's tenure the state budget tripled and Governor Freudenthal refused to join the multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. In addition, when other states and organizations where protesting and fighting the EPA takeover of the passage of cap and trade, Governor Freudenthal inexplicably remained silent. Ron Micheli intends to stand up for Wyoming when the federal government tries to take that which is not theirs. He not only intends to join the fight, but lead the fight. The CST is correct, that would be a change from the actions of Governor Freudenthal.

Ron Micheli has a vision for Wyoming - a prosperous Wyoming with sustained economic growth, jobs for our young people, excellence in education, and creating an environment where companies want to come to Wyoming to invest and do business. Ron will help Wyoming achieve this vision by keeping taxes low, spending down, removing unwarranted and outdated regulations, and pushing back against the hostile policies of the federal government. Ron Micheli is a true conservative and Wyoming needs to elect a true conservative governor.

The Casper Star Tribune disagrees. We'll just see who the voters agree with on August 17.

Ron Micheli for Governor - Website 
You would think, with a title like that, this would be a good thing and Micheli might get some praise.  It is not so, as it is the Casper Star Tribune.  They have not learned that the more BIG Government is involved, the worse it gets.  For one, the debt that will be passed onto the next generations is looking more like a cement bag and a walk down the plank rather than passing on a country of opportunity. "U.S debt to rise to $19.6 trillion by 2015"
The real tragedy is the liberal flair of the CST, Wyoming's Media, and the attacks they mount on conservatism when liberalism (from both political parties) is what destroys American values, regulates states, attacks personal liberty.

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