Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Message from Rita Meyer

June 4, 2010

It seems one of my opponents is "in the field" with a poll asking questions about the Governor's race. Several questions are about me. I suppose they are testing potential nasty media attacks. But, not surprisingly, their negative campaign charges are totally contrived.  Let me set the record straight before any of my opponents decide to spend tens of thousands of dollars misleading you about who I am, what I have done and what I will do. 
  1. I have not changed my position on the federal health care reform called Obamacare - I oppose it.  I opposed it from the beginning vote to the final vote. My position is clear and you can read it here. 
  2. When I was sworn in as State Auditor my first priority was to do a full review of the contracts, policies, procedures and operations of the Auditor's Office. Then I took action. I instituted full transparency and accountability in agency accounting and contracts. I put in place controls that eliminate and prevent fraud and abuse.  I have increased the overall customer satisfaction in interaction with our office. No one can accuse my office of shoddy work. That accusation is a slap in the face to hardworking, well trained state employees. I have empowered my staff to excel in their work and have nothing but praise for the excellent work they do.
  3. Mr. Micheli, Mr. Simpson and Mr. Mead, for example, have never shouldered a weapon to defend the Second Amendment from any enemies - foreign and domestic. I have. I served our country in uniform for 23 years. Talk is cheap. I challenge anyone who questions my support of the Second Amendment to show how they have supported the right to bear arms with action, including risking their lives.
Friends, I recognize that my opponents want to evaluate ways they can tear down my candidacy. I welcome their challenge, but I do not think that Wyoming's voters will tolerate one Republican falsely accusing another Republican of things that are simply not true.  I asked my opponents in early January to keep this campaign clean and above board. Is this poll the response from one of them? I hope that you as a voter will hold them accountable, because you deserve an honest debate on the issues - not "gotcha" politics.
If you ever have a question about where I stand on a particular issue, please call me, don't rely on the fabrications about me from my opponents.
Thank you and God Bless You,
Rita Meyer

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