Sunday, May 02, 2010

So You Heard the Tea Party was a bunch of Racist Hate Mongers...

So where does the HATE come from?  What vitriol?  Antisemitism?
How the Liberal Tea Party "Haters" Enjoy their First Amendment Rights ... 
Shocking Video Exposes Real Hate Speech - What's Being Thrown at Tea Party --  Read The Article by News Busters


Don't see it yet?

More Liberal News Busted :
Critics Saluted Media Slams on Bush During Katrina Crisis; What About Obama’s Oil Mess?...
Or his reaction to the Times Square Car Bomb?
oh... Obama praises law enforcement on car bomb response - Yes.  Indeed it is easy to praise and respond when things go well. Nothing to say but the obvious. One would think National Security should require a bit more attention.
Nets Celebrate May Day Pro-Illegal Immigrant Protests, Barely Mention Shot Deputy...

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