Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dozens of Waterfowl Dead at Wyoming Refinery

Dozens of waterfowl dead at Wyoming refinery - BusinessWeek
--Around 80 birds have been found dead at an oil-contaminated waste-water pond at a Sinclair Oil refinery in southern Wyoming.

--"Unfortunately there was oil on the pond, and it doesn't take much oil to debilitate a bird,"
--How much oil was spilled and for how long remains unknown
--The oil reached the pond after passing through a wastewater treatment facility but the source isn't known yet.
--one of the biggest concerns is the birds
--set up strobe lights and noisemakers to frighten off any other birds
--The spill occurred nearly a year after a tank at the refinery ruptured and spilled nearly 3 million gallons of gasoline blend.
--The Department of Environmental Quality has fined Sinclair $660,000 for the spill.

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