Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ignoring Rural America ...

"There is not a lot of votes there."
Reaffirming the reason why Wyoming needs a LION in Washington, and in every seat we have protecting LIBERTY and the free market system in a sovereign state that can allow the LION in individuals to roam freely and define rural America by the quality of life that people make for themselves.

Obama, progressives and any national candidate will only stack the cards before they come to the table in rural America.  Why?  I believe A) it is because we don't hold clout because we don't have measurable votes B) because rural Americans are still living with values, working in their community, know that wealth, growth and freedom are inseparable and represent a part of society that Washington does not want to stir ... they do not want to 'wake a sleeping giant' ... they FEAR rural American values and the LION inside of free thinking individuals.

America IS still good.  And it seems Barasso is doing his job. 
----- Barasso on FOX w Greta -----

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