Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Candidates, Coal, Green Jobs, and Wyoming

The Race for Murtha's Seat ...
This is a race Wyomingites should be involved with, or at least following - with HOPE.  (intersting to note that these t-shirts are sold out)
----- April 27, 2010 - Penn. congressional candidate Tim Burns on 'Hannity'
 Burns talks a lot about the coal industry.  Coal is economic fuel in Wyoming, and
should be hailed as such for the Nation as well.  States should be allowed to prosper and utilize resources, open the potential of free markets, allow innovation to grow and people to pursue Happiness as they see fit.  Wyoming has the potential to lead or to be broken.  The more Federal Regulations gain on the function of States the more it will leech onto the lifeblood of Wyoming and suck it dry.
  • --*The Federal Government currently withholds 50% of the royalties that come from the extraction of coal in Wyoming
  • --There are 68,700,000,000 tons of coal in Wyoming. This means that Wyoming has the third largest coal reserves and 14.4% of the total coal reserves in the United States. Only Montana (120.1 billion tons) and Illinois (78.5 billion tons) have more coal than Wyoming (68.7 billion tons).
  • --In 2008, Wyoming produced 467 million tons of coal.
  • --Wyoming yields about 39 percent of total U.S coal production.
  • --Wyoming leads the U.S. in coal production. The low-ash and low-sulfur coal is used in 39 states.
----- Don't Forget it ...

----- the best weapon against him is his own mouth -----

Liberals might despise the coal industry for their claims to Global Warming, but it must be noted, that they are all investing in what is expected to yield a return of a Potential $10T for Clean Energy

Following the recent events in West Virginia the Federal Government has already decided to start taking action. 
Surprise Checks Caused 3 Massey Evacuations
"Federal officials say they evacuated three Massey Energy coal mines in the past month after receiving anonymous complaints about dangerous conditions.
Three surprise inspections resulted in citations for what the Mine Safety and Health Administration calls serious violations."
In other words, this has generated a "crisis" of which Obama will fully exploit to rid the United States of the Coal Industry.
Not so?  Economic Crisis leads to Bailouts leads to wasteful economic 'stimulus' leads to creating new human rights leads to using tax dollars to pay for foreclosed homes leads to spending more money...
Obama is against Coal and Mining and hired Van Jones, a self proclaimed Socialist, as his Green Jobs CZAR.  Obama is in cohoots with Al Gore and Goldman Sachs to prosper off of the 10 TRILLION $ projection of the Green Energy Industry.
Wyomingites already can see the wind turbines sprouting across the landscape.  This eye sore seems it would be oxymoronic for those who love to hug trees.  It is especially disturbing to know that Wind Turbines are not even producing energy, nor producing money.  *They simply store energy in a  reserve incase of a major power outage.

Coal country wary as Obama speaks for miners
President has sharply criticized the industry after West Virginia disaster
As president, Obama has devoted billions to developing technology aimed at reducing coal's greenhouse-gas emissions, often referred to as "clean coal," which the industry also supports. Despite that, many here focus on his policies on climate change and "mountaintop removal" mining, believing they unfairly target the industry.
So does this mean for Wyoming?

Coal brings Wyoming & Australia together
"Gov. Freudenthal wants to work with officials there to develop cleaner coal technologies."
And oh - it seems, despite all the evidence, Freudenthal confirms this by his support for 'climate change' - aka Global Warming...
"Freudenthal said, "We will be in this coal business for a long time, and this country will be in the coal business for a long time, and the world is going to be in the coal business for a long time.
So it's in everyone's interest to solve the greenhouse gas emission problem, he added."
Obama and his radical agenda and every person who will not stand up against Climate Change hot air will end up hurting Wyoming.
Federal Control, even though convoluted, is Federal control - and it(control) must be taken away from the Fed.
Wyoming should not be handing liberty over willingly under the guise and aura of helping the climate.
Free people use a Free Market system and they should operate it themselves without Federal Regulations, no matter what the case.
Any person elected into political office should be a person who not only wants to protect personal liberty and state sovereignty but will be willing to push the Fed out.
*(tell me if I am wrong)

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