Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ayers wins - Law is twisted?

So what has happened - is this judge, DOWNES, has given radicals, terrorists, power over venue.  The business and the choice of the businessman had its rights stripped away.  They were not trying to make a LAW to restrict what Ayers says - they just PAID Ayers to take a hike.

This judge just allowed the Federal Government to reach in on every level to override the RIGHTS of people.  People run Businesses, Businesses are run by people, and people have the right to choose how their business operates and whom they allow to speak.

Universities are NOT public and open land.  Universities are businesses.  I guess we can invite Putin, Castro, Pedophiles, Rapists ... and then strong arm Universities to force them to accept.  William Downes has proved he has tunnel vision looking at the world from a progressive telescope.  They are all pirates and they have come to steal American booty - Freedom.

Federal judge rules in favor of Ayers, Lanker
A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that the University of Wyoming couldn’t keep a former 1960s radical from speaking in a venue on campus.

U.S. District Court Judge William Downes ruled that UW couldn’t prevent William Ayers from speaking in the UniWyo Sports Complex on Wednesday.
WHAT did Rita Meyer say?
"the governor does not have the authority to tell UW what to do."

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