Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ayers to Define the Right to Free Speech?

Following the happenings of Bill Ayers Controversy.
"Ayers co-founded the domestic terrorist group the Weather Underground, which bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and other government buildings in the early 1970s. He's currently an education professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago."
"It's really an issue over what is the issue, essentially," Wallace said. "There's a heavy debate over whether it's an issue of free speech or whether it's an issue of Mr. Ayers and his background and things of that sort."
As UW students and staff passed by the Wyoming Union early Monday afternoon, several offered a variety of views on the Ayers controversy.
"What gives somebody the right to not let somebody come here and speak?" asked Danielle Allred, a junior Spanish education major from Lovell.
Allred said UW's refusal to let Ayers speak on campus "definitely swayed people" to his side.
"It definitely brought a lot of people up for him who just didn't care," she said. "Now that the university said 'no,' it made them care."
The claim - Ayers has a right to speak at UW Laramie under his First Amendment Rights.
But the arguement stands, UW Laramie is in the BUSINESS of Education.  Business is indeed entitled to have the right to make decisions, and telling people, including Ayers, that such business does not want him there on the premises is within their rights.  They are not making laws to stop him from speaking, they are just telling him "you are not welcome here."

The 1st Amendment does not include any section that would hold UW Laramie accountable to force them into hosting an Ayers convention.  If this goes to court, which I doubt will, it could set into motion the ends that could destruct our current ideas of Amendment #1 ... otherwise known as "social justice."

This is a classic example of the types of thinking that destroy American ideals.  People do not understand that what they are trying to do will in effect entitle ANYONE the right to speak anywhere ... even if they are not invited.

Does that mean I can invite myself to the White House and give a speech to the president when ever I want?  What people do not understand or seem to be forgetting is that UW is a business, a place of peaceful assembly... UW asked, and still paid Ayers to NOT come on the basis of potential angst, violence, protests, attention - things they did/do not want to be a part of.  As a business, they have the right to refuse whatever speaker they want.

The attention that this issue has gotten on the media circuit is a bit disturbing, as it is Bill Ayers, a left wing revolutionist who has practiced the action of plotting and carrying out violence.  And that is why this ends here.

"The University also has a right to allow on not allow whomever they want or don't want to speak. They are not stopping Ayers from speaking - just stopping their involvement with Ayers. the same reasons why - if Osama Bin Laden tried to enroll at UW - UW would most likely say NO.

University sells education - they are a business. They dont sell rights... they practice them. Telling Ayers - we dont want you here - is a practice of freedom. If college folk dont like that UW tells a guy like AYERS to take a hike, perhaps they should look to a more liberal accepting school.
That is why there are colleges everywhere - America provides the freedom to choose.

If people have a problem with the decision, they should take it to the Dean, ask why. Then understand it.

If people want Ayers to come speak - invite him to come speak at the local pro-global economic world StarBucks... who, rather than open businesses in the US where lack of jobs are hurting the economy, they are opening stores all across China.

Where is the outrage and uproar from the UW student body about that? People should take their freedom and go act to get what they want on their own accord... not threaten UW with court dates that wont hold water on the basis of free speech."

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